President Jimmy Carter’s remarks on a plaque in Downtown L.A.


“…Freedom is never permanently ours, despite the noble sacrifices of past generations, we must daily re-win the fight against injustice and prejudice and ignorance and against those in power who believe they know better than the people what is best…”


On the Past


“The past is not past. The past remains present. In looking at history, you’re really looking into yourself…” – John Sedgwick on Finding Our Roots, “Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon” (PBS)

From Letters of Note: To My Old Master


From Letters of Note: To My Old Master

In August of 1865, a Colonel P.H. Anderson of Big Spring, Tennessee, wrote to his former slave, Jourdon Anderson, and requested that he come back to work on his farm. Jourdon — who, since being emancipated, had moved to Ohio, found paid work, and was now supporting his family — responded spectacularly by way of the letter seen below (a letter which, according to newspapers at the time, he dictated). Rather than quote the numerous highlights in this letter, I’ll simply leave you to enjoy it. Do make sure you read to the end.

– From Letters of